Scam Adverts

Scam Adverts


Unfortunately scam adverts on the internet are becoming increasingly more commonplace, and there is hardly a day goes by that we don't get messages informing us that our photographs of a camper/motorhome are being used by a 3rd party without our permission, advertising a vehicle at an unrealistically low price

The giveaway is always the price and the fact that the 'seller' will say that you aren't able to see/touch/smell the vehicle before parting with any money. A motorhome we had sold previously for £19995 was being advertised for £7500, a camper van we had in stock previously at £19,995 was being advertised at £6000, I'm sure you can see the pattern here. The fact that anyone thinks you can buy a £20k van for £6-£7k defies all logic, however on a daily basis people are being conned into sending money to total strangers, for suspiciously cheap goods, that they can't see or touch in the flesh beforehand.

Ebay/Facebook/Gumtree are notoriously slow in removing scam adverts and should really take a good look at how to fast track scam reports in order to minimise the losses to their customers.

We sympathise with customers who are conned, we empathise with customers who are conned, HOWEVER there is absolutely nothing we can do about scammers stealing our photographs other than to report the scam advert to whichever platform it appears on, that is the limit to what we can do I'm afraid so while we appreciate many hundreds of people taking the time to email us to alert us to the fact that our photo's have been stolen, we would urge those customer to instead report the advert ASAP to the platform where the advert appears